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Career Change and Redundancy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Redundancy / Career Change CBT

In the present economic climate only one in three people presently employed in the United Kingdom is in a permanent position. Compared to workforce statistics thirty years ago (calculating travel to work time, hours in employment, holiday time, and the quantity of work expected) the average employee is expected to have increased his productivity levels and work five times as much as he did three decades ago.

This period is defined as the era of late capitalism, where it is essential to configure as part of a lifetime work profile,that is it will be necessary to re-train 4 - 5 times to be able to keep pace with the demands of employment.

In all forms of redundancy/career counselling the ability to adapt and manage change (change management) to be at the cutting edge of new technology and the fluctuations of the employment market is essential. To be fully equipped with the know how in professional knowledge, skills, and experience to make these transitions with confidence and expertise is the main objective of CBT in occupational settings.

Over the last ten years we have had unprecedented success in redundancy/career counselling. We offer state-of-the-art CBT training in all stages of preparation for interview through to the actual placement of clients.

We use state-of-the-art training in the psychological reversal of the bicameral mind to develop right brain syncretistic thinking and the ability to think 'outside the box'. Daniel Pink in his book 'A Whole New Mind' has shown that 50% of US Fortune 500 companies are now hiring Masters In Fine Arts (MFA) rather than MBA's.

The advantage of using right brained creative and innovative techniques both in interview and overall problem solving adds a dimension that gives potential job candidates a distinct advantage in the present economic climate.

Career Change and Redundancy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

How does it work?

CBT works successfully in the management of redundancy/career change in the following areas: -

1. Stress Reduction
CBT treatment for the reactive symptoms (anxiety, depression, self esteem issues) associated with first line professional and personal impact of redundancy.

2. Leadership Training
A portfolio of 5 management styles reflecting 'best fit' for the potential employer. Self presentation for both the global vision of potential firms, and from concept to start-up the ability to effectively deliver this.

Career Change and Redundancy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

3. Extensive CV Writing
Each CV is designed to be tailor made to each specific job application.

4. CBT Interview Training Program
Every aspect of the interview is covered from a psychological point of view.
a. Mirroring
b. Pacing
c. Interpersonal skills
d. Tough interview questions
e. Non verbal communication

5. Review of Each Job Interview
An evaluation from a 30 point criteria check list of relevant interview criteria.

6. Occupational Testing
Use of Myers, Briggs, OPQ and Type A/B diagnostic tests as preparation for professional testing.

7. Preparing for the Stress Interview
Extensive preparation for interviews designed to intimidate and test competence/leadership abilities. Developing the ability to master this interviewing style. The answers to tough questions.

8. Psychological Reversals
CBT training in left vs right brain reversals in the interview, to create positive bias towards the interviewee.

9. Self Image Work
Creating the appropriate dress style/presentation of the self appropriate to the current workplace environment. 80% of cues between the interviewer and interviewee are non-verbal.

10. Recruitment Agents
We work with the agents themselves, across a broad spectrum of careers to help place candidates in their new jobs.


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