The Centre For Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Low Cost CBT

We are proud to announce a low cost CBT treatment initiative.

The fee is £60 per 50 minute counselling session at our London centre and £45 per 50 minute counselling session at our Cardiff centre. This is an option available for students only.

How does it work?

The Standard Cognitive model for treatment is used at the assessment session where diagnostic tests and a semi-structured interview are administered to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Clients are clear in their understanding of the Cognitive model and have a blueprint of the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour and how negative beliefs impact on their psychological and emotional problems.

The client and therapist collaborate to draw up a list of goals for the CBT based on the presenting problems drawn up by the therapist in the form of a problem list. These aims and objectives drive the therapeutic treatment.

Clients therefore have a clear understanding how the therapist is going to work, using behavioural problem solving and relaxation techniques in the initial sessions. Meanwhile clients are learning to reorganise their negative automatic thoughts, identify thinking errors, reality test them, and provide more balanced thinking alternatives.

Standard CBT then examines more deeply held core beliefs and schemas to identify how these non-consciously held beliefs drive clients negative thinking and behaviour. By modifying these beliefs clients mitigate against relapse.


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